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West Elgin Nature Reserve


  • Exit highway 401 at interchange 137 (West Lorne, Graham Road)
  • Go north to first road – Downie Line
  • Turn left on Downie line and go to the 911 address of 24514

In 1983, the Aldborough Township council appointed the West Elgin Nature Club (W.E.N.C.) to manage a closed landfill site. This area became known as the West Elgin Nature Reserve (also called the Aldborough Memorial Forest by some). The 32-acre (13 hectares) forest is located near the town of West Lorne.  Trees such as Cottonwood and Hackberry are found growing in the preserve in a large abundance. Early spring flowers include red and white trilliums and marsh marigolds in early May. The maidenhair and rattlesnake ferns emerge shortly after the spring flowers finish blooming. Summer and autumn see such plants as turtlehead, tall bellflower and closed gentian start to flower.

A system of trails has been made throughout the forest and is accessible for hiking and birding.

Many trees have been planted in the area near the road as memorials or by those interested in the natural habitat.  These trees have sign posts identifying the tree plus the person’s name.