As stated on the All Seasons Wedding website where I can be booked, you will see my passion for this work has been in place for over 12 years now.  I am an outgoing, positive person who enjoys all people. I have been working in service to others for my entire life, with and for people from all walks of life and in many different life circumstances.

With a sincere openness to people and their personal beliefs and values, I strive to facilitate a wedding that will meet all of your hopes and expectations. A great believer in family and friendship as essentials on life’s sacred path, l will endeavour to respond to cultural, personal, and physical needs within the celebration and to create an inclusive ceremony.

With humour, reverence and participation, I want to make your day a wonderful lasting memory. As one of the most intimate experiences in your life, your wedding should have the feel and the demonstration of love and joy that is individual to each couple’s relationship. I am honoured to be invited to share in your special day! Welcoming a wide variety of ceremony options, I have performed traditional ceremonies, faith based, spiritual, non faith based, hand-fasting and other non traditional, beautiful services.

A wedding is about celebrating your love and commitment in a way that truly reflects your personalities and the tone that you wish to set for your future together. As a special time to invite those people in life who are most important to you to join you, it often becomes for many, the experience of a lifetime. Certainly a wonderful memory!

You can express your hopes and desires for your future relationship to others through your wedding ceremony by your choice of words and rituals or traditions. You want other to feel the depth of your commitment to one another and to support you as you move forward in this new relationship. I welcome your contributions and the inclusion of cultural, religious or spiritual traditions or rites that resonate with you or that honour your values and belief systems.

Marriage Preparation – An Option to Enhance Your Commitment

If you are seeking a foundation for the future as you prepare to marry, I offer a Marriage Preparation Workshop as well. By creating meaningful and guided discussions, communication can enhance the discovery of a couple’s development as they look towards the future. The topics included in this can be (depending on duration of workshop chosen):

  • Personality styles and their impact on communication and relationship needs
  • Affirmation of the strengths each bring to the relationship
  • Working through differences in relationship expectations
  • Understanding the role of your family of origin in your expectations and role definitions
  • Constructively handling finances, parenting, in-laws and home chores
  • Understanding and enhancing your emotional and physical intimacy
  • Conflict resolution, forgiveness and reconciliation to build resilience
  • Developing shared life dreams and long term goals