“Gail did an absolutely beautiful job officiating our outdoor wedding. We were so impressed from the moment we met her. She really took the time to get to know and understand both my husband and I as we planned our service together. She had great suggestions and was very open-minded and more than willing to incorporate some of the quirky things we really wanted to help make our day feel very personalized and unique. Gail also did a great job at “going with the flow” when we were faced with the worst rainstorm of the year! We turned up her mic so we could hear over the huge cracks of thunder and downpours as she helped everyone to laugh it off. In spite of the rain and thanks to Gail, our wedding was the most perfect day we could have ever asked for!

Thanks for making our day the most memorable day of our lives Gail!”

~Laura and Jayson, Regina, Saskatchewan


“Gail helped us navigate one of the most important days of our lives. Her sense of humour, grace and quiet air of confidence keep us grounded – even when we forgot the rings. No worries, moments later we were back on track and happily married. Where others may have been shaken, Gail took it in stride, shared a giggle and made us feel completely at ease. Truly a wonderful lady, we could not imagine having anyone else to help us on our journey.”

~Sandra and Stephen, Stratford, ON


Hiring Gail as our Officiant is a choice we will never regret! She was recommended to us by a dear and trusted friend and we were so very pleased to have her be part of our special day. Not only is Gail kind and warm and considerate, but she also went out of her way to meet with us, reassure us and offer any insight she could that would help our day go as smoothly as possible. Our wedding was far from typical and Gail embraced our individuality without judgement and had a wonderful sense of humour that eased any tension or worries and made our wedding fun and enjoyable and everything we had hoped it would be. We would recommend her in a heartbeat!

~Happily Married since November 2010, Chris & Sonya, Toronto, ON


“Having Gail Malcolm share in our ceremony was a wonderful experience. Gail was able to work well with my church minister and respect that she was in his church. Gail didn’t want to step on his toes, but was still able to use her experience and her knowledge of us as a couple to make our day a special day. Although my husband and I knew Gail already as she is a family friend, before the wedding day, Gail was able to sit down with us to figure out what we wanted her to do and to learn about us as a couple. Gail Malcolm is a caring, kind and nurturing person, she truly will do whatever she can to make you happy.”

~ Kristy and Quincy, Ingersoll, ON


“We were very pleased with the services that Gail provided from start to finish. We were able to meet with Gail prior to making any plans, which was very important to us as we wanted to be comfortable with the person performing the service. We wanted something personal, intimate and meaningful. That is exactly what Gail gave us. We were able to let her get to know us a little in our initial meeting and she helped us plan a perfect ceremony that also included both our children. She made our second marriage and blending of families feel like a first time event! Thanks Gail! Hopefully you will be able to do our renewal somewhere down the road!”

~Jodi and Mike, Tillsonburg, ON


“Gail’s approach to our special day was of the upmost warmth and professionalism. She was supportive and provided resources when needed while reflecting her extremely caring personality. We appreciated having Gail officiate on our special day and would recommend her services to anyone looking for a top-notch individual!

Gail, You did an amazing job!”

~Jodi and Isaac, Whistler, B. C.  (Port Stanley)


“Gail Malcolm is a genius when it comes to weddings, and you know that this brilliance comes from her love for love.  We first met Gail at my cousin’s wedding as she performed their ceremony.  It was one of the most beautiful, and touching ceremonies we had ever been to.  To see the way she connected with the bride and groom and told their story made you really feel honoured to be in attendance of such a touching moment in their lives.  When my husband and I got engaged a year later, it was an easy decision.  What was already sure to be the best day of our lives, Gail ensured was unforgettable.”

~Shaun and Lindsey, London, ON


“We chose Gail Malcolm for our wedding ceremony, a later-in-life event for both of us. This was because she had performed the wedding of two of my friends a few years prior and it had been one of the most beautiful ceremonies I had ever seen. That is until ours.

The whole process was intensely satisfying. We met with Gail and went over the ideas we had. She wanted to be sure she understood the exact “tone” and components we wanted, and then with her we set about planning. We were able to come up, in consultation with her, with a very personalized ceremony, in keeping with our preferences. She then co-ordinated a wonderful and incredibly meaningful event! She was able to speak to the strong elements in our relationship, our hopes and expectations of our marriage, as well as to the spiritual intentions of the ceremony, the importance of the witnesses we had there with us, and God’s presence, in a very non dogmatic style.

It has happened to us many times since that our guests have said that it was their favourite wedding ceremony, or ranked amongst their very favourites. We highly recommend Gail Malcolm. Her sincerity, sensitivity and abilities are all exceptional”

~Dr. Don and Jim, Toronto, ON


“We had a mixed religion wedding in July 2008 and simply put – Gail was perfect! From our first meeting to our wedding day, she exuded a calming reassurance that always made us at ease and happy.

Gail was receptive and respectful in delivering of all of our wishes. She also worked in harmony with the Hindu Priest for the two ceremonies.

Thank you Gail for being such an important part of our special day!”

~Tarang & Mike, Toronto, ON (London)



Wedding and Funeral

“On July 3, 2009, Gail was the Officiant at our wedding. My husband was very ill, and Gail did everything she could to accommodate that situation. She offered us many types of services to choose from, knowing we needed something short, but meaningful. She found one, and it suited us perfectly. She also suggested, due to my husband’s health that we be seated for the ceremony, which helped considerably.

Also, I would like to add, that on our special day, Gail experienced extreme tragedy and grief in her own life, and yet stayed committed to performing our wedding ceremony. To us, that showed complete selflessness, and I am forever grateful.

Two and a half months later, my husband passed away, and my heart was broken, and once again I needed to call upon Gail. In an instant, she was there for me, and offered a tremendous amount of support and caring. Her kindness, thoughtfulness and ability to know exactly how you’re feeling, and what your heart needs, is something that clearly comes to her naturally.

She instinctively knew just the words to say, and had such a comforting way of saying them. Her ability to care about you and how you’re feeling at your time of grief comes from deep in her heart. She is genuinely sincere in everything she says, and you can feel her unwavering compassion for you. She offers her time, love, and caring heart for as long as you need her.

I would also like to add, that my husband had two grown sons that had come from Halifax, and could not stay until the actual day of the funeral. From the kindness of her heart, Gail did a separate ceremony for them, which was certainly going beyond anything she had to do, and once again, I was so tremendously grateful.

To anyone who might be planning a wedding, or sadly having to arrange a funeral, Gail, to me is the person to contact. You will never find anyone with more of a loving, caring, and compassionate heart and soul.”

~Beverly (and Walter), St. Thomas, ON




“Gail, hope you had a great family day. I thought of you because of our ties, and the comfort and certainty your dignity and wisdom brought us during a very difficult few years. I remember the night sitting around Willy and Teresa’s dining room table. People were sharing food and drink, very emotional and all talking at once with that adrenalin fed energy so common at difficult times, but it never seemed to rattle you one bit. Then to take all those heartfelt ramblings and turn them into such a beautiful piece of prose just boggled my mind. You captured the essence of Geraldine’s life and the fact you could speak and keep it so interesting impressed everyone I spoke with. You have a gift and you are a gift to our families.

Thank you again Gail for all your kindness towards me and our families.”

~Ralph, London, ON