About Gail

Growing up traveling across this beautiful country and Europe as a military child, I learned very early on in life that people are different in good ways. I recognize that values and customs have meaning whether they are carried out in the same way or not and that people are all similar in their differences. In life we all need love, respect and hope.

My passion for both working and volunteering in the helping profession for a lifetime, has allowed me to develop strong communication skills along with the capacity to be intuitive and collaborative in any situation.   Educated and trained to work in Social Services, I have walked through many life transitions with families and individuals from all walks of life performing weddings and funerals as well as in my work with children, families and individuals dealing with many challenges from disabilities to job loss and loss of hope.

Highly comfortable with people, I have worked with a myriad of organizations and with individuals living with disabilities to foster community inclusion and respect.  I have been actively involved in promoting the impact and social significance of mentoring in communities through Big Brother Big Sister agencies as well as through college based mentoring programs. And I am proud of the work I have done in the Employment sector facilitating clients finding faith, renewal and transformation in their life choices.

I have a long standing history of volunteer work that stretches from Big Brothers / Big Sisters, the Fanshawe College Alumni Board of Directors, United Way, Habitat for Humanity, the Social Planning Council of Oxford and as Past National President of Kin Canada along with multiple other community volunteer positions. I believe that a community is only as strong as the hearts of the people living within it. Being a meaningful contributor to my community and to society is integral to me personally and has grown my life significantly.

I have been performing weddings with All Seasons Weddings for over 12 years.  Through this process I have met many wonderful couples and families who have invited me to continue our relationships by performing weddings for their friends and family members over the years. Some of those experiences have also opened the door to walking with their families in times of grief and loss.

I can be booked for weddings through the following link: http://www.allseasonsweddings.com to request a quote or to set up a meeting to see if I am the Officiant that will feel right for your special day.

I became certified with Certified Celebrants Association of Canada through my sincere desire to bring my very best ethics and professional practices to this area of celebrating the lives of those who have passed. I have been performing funerals since 2005.

I have undertaken each of these experiences with different approaches based on the family request. In some instances, responding to an immediate and sudden loss and in others, planning with the dying person and giving them the opportunity to know and approve of everything that would play out on the day of their funeral.

We lose people in our lives in so many different ways. From the loss of stillborn babies, to accidents, suicides and life traumas, to health based loss and natural life transitions due to aging; death is a part of living. I have been blessed to walk in all of these kinds of situations with the understanding that showing respect for the person passed as well as finding positive ways to celebrate what might be a most difficult experience to process is essential.  If you celebrate the person who is lost in a good way, the healing can begin. Helping those left behind to be able to heal or to engage in bereavement support is part of what I strive to achieve in my work.

I have been married for over 40 years to a truly wonderful man; have three adult children and five amazing grandchildren who all give my life meaning and purpose on a daily basis.  I have been grateful to work most recently in the employment sector, supporting unemployed and displaced mature workers find their strengths and self worth again through providing workshops and facilitation that allows them to celebrate who they are.  I continue to volunteer in my community and Oxford county.  My life is a blessed one and with that in mind, I bring my most positive self and my most honourable intentions to all of the work that I do.