Thank you for taking the time to visit my website to review the services I offer. It is my hope that they will be a good fit for your needs! It is of great importance to me that my clients are able to have a sense of comfort and trust while looking at the services I offer. I want to ensure that the people whom I work on behalf of, experience confidence in knowing they will get a commitment to service excellence.

Whether a funeral, a wedding or other workshops and training; my commitment to the work that I do lies in my genuine caring for people. I celebrate life and believe strongly that we find much to honour in all aspects of our lives! I believe in being inclusive of all people, cultures, values and belief systems and will always do my best to ensure that the individuals or organizations that I am working with will have their needs met to the best of my abilities.

Creating the needed outcome for any life event is a passion for me! Having diverse life experiences and education I have been be able to connect with, honour and understand the experiences others face in life and to respond in a respectful and meaningful way. I honour the life transitions that happen every day.

Communication that is authentic and meaningful is one of life’s most important gifts. No matter the circumstance, communication that is thoughtful and defined will be the hallmark of the experience. This is what I offer.