Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional Services

Behind Every Fresh, Clean Storefront…

All of our material recycling facilities – as well as the value-added offerings that support them – also service industrial, commercial and institutional (ICI) organizations in the communities we serve.

This means the energy and resources we direct into developing innovations and efficiencies that make our municipal clients look good, achieve the same results for our ICI clients. From a focus on direct relationships between our senior managers and yours to the commitment of dedicated driver supervisors in every region, we proactively facilitate our accountability to our customers because we know that they are accountable to theirs.

Beyond, the value-add services we offer to our municipal clients we also provide specific services for our ICI clientele. Door-to-door pick-up, direct in-office contact, small-bin service, waste management audits, and confidential document shredding are a few.

As a business-to-business service provider, we know you rely on us to safely expedite the heavy lifting behind the scenes. To this end, HGC constantly strives to advance convenience, cost-effectiveness, and benefits to environmental sustainability in all of our operations.

It’s a simple model really; and one that works. The better we look to you, the better you look to your customers. And in turn… The better you look to your customers, the better we look to you. We are in the recycling business after all!

  • Waste Audit
  • Recycling Collection
  • Recycling Processing
  • Confidential Shredding