25 Years of Waste & Recycling Service Innovation

Hands-On, Face-to-Face Leadership & Accountability

When HGC President, Herb Lambacher founded HGC Management Inc., he envisioned a different kind of waste management company. A professional engineer with 40 years experience in recycling plant design/construction/operations and commodity marketing and brokerage, Herb approached HGC with a focus on two priorities: fostering innovation in recycling program offerings, and maintaining a smaller, more hands-on and agile organization that empowers management to retain direct relationships with clients.

Today, HGC operates six material recycling facilities in six centers across Ontario. Intrinsic to the success of these operations, HGC markets resale of tin, aluminum and glass, and all grades of papers and plastics. Nowhere is the commitment to working both sides of the recycling formula more evident than in HGC’s passion for developing new processes and markets for potential recyclables. From pioneering the inclusion of boxboard in your blue box to arranging for seasonal boat wrap collection from marinas, the 25-year history of HGC is a history of firsts.

Through establishment of supply contracts with major mill groups, HGC works to ensure recovered commodity movement to domestic mills. To ensure the highest possible price – which translates directly into lower costs for our clients – HGC also sells everything to end-user markets.

With progressive expertise in solid waste and recyclable collection, recycling plant operations and recyclable processing, commodity marketing and brokerage services, and market development for recovered commodities, HGC has positioned itself to offer some of the lowest reported costs by the Waste Diversion Organization (WDO) in Ontario.

Intrinsic to Herb’s vision for direct management relationships that optimize communication, performance feedback and overall accountability, HGC also provides a number of value–added services as well.

From freight logistics negotiations and custom documentation to conducting waste audits and providing assistance with third party (incinerators and landfill) vendors, HGC understands that building efficiencies between organizations – and into the organizations they serve – is key to the success of everyone involved.

Whether HGC is providing services to municipalities or industrial, commercial and institutional operations, we continue to further the mandate set out 25 years ago: Using constant innovation – not to always grow OUR company, but rather to generate new efficiencies and deepen service offerings within our established operations.

Industry Firsts

Working with regulators, suppliers, customers and industry taskforces, HGC has pioneered processes and markets to enable collection and recycling of the following materials in Ontario.

  • Post-consumer boxboard
  • Tubs & lids
  • Polystyrene
  • Mixed rigid plastics
  • Film plastic
  • Boat wrap – including seasonal collection program from marinas